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I had Snow on my Boots

Early rise this morning......first inspection from the van window the sun was shining and not a cloud in the sky....we were going on our Helicopter ride this morning YAHOO!
By some absolute stroke of luck I got the front seat next to the pilot...OM was the most amazing ride over the glaciers and snow capped ranges. At times I thought that we were going to crash into a peak and then just a wee turn and we were gliding down a face was already hurting from smiling so hard........and the best was yet to come.
We flew over Mount Cook ...(I saw the tip of it).......glimpsed Lake Tepako and Lake Pukaki....and so many of the places we have already been to and have driven hundreds of kilometres around to the other side to get there in just 15 mins in a felt weird somehow.
We got out of the Helicopter and had a bit of a frolick on the glacier......still smiling.........a lot.
It was just so beautiful ..pristine and sparkling.......I could of stayed up there for ages. I loved looking down on everything.

We were high after this journey and decided we needed a big breakfast.

It’s been a big day on the road today...heading off to see folk in Timaru.
I wasn’t expecting the fabulous things on the way though....and perhaps we stopped a bit too often and took a bit too long.......because its very late 11pm as I write this.......but what to do when nature just lays so much beauty at your cannot help but stop and admire....and take pics of course.

After Arthurs Pass we came to a place called Castle Hill....we would of loved to of spent more time here.....just amazing rock formations (extra) but the sun was starting to set and we had a ways to go before we stopped for the night...we were lucky to find a funny little camping place at Glen Tunnel....too tired to go any further tonight.

1. Castle Hill
2. Mount Cook
3. Looking out to the Tasman sea

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