By Leiflife

Birth of An Angel, Etc.

Sometimes an angel comes in young child form. Rather neutral in gender, her curls may be brown, black, red, or golden in hue. Prone to joy, he laughs frequently, and only occasionally sheds a few tears in empathy for the nearest, most needful human. This angel may have arrived in response to a heartfelt request, or she may have appeared of her own volition to soothe a fearful heart and reassure a doubtful mind. Either way, I am thankful for her coming.

Hopefully, some of the positive energy that brought this angel into being will accompany me as I embark on my next adventure. I leave tomorrow to drive to North Mississippi for a small book tour. I will do readings and signings of DANCING WITH MY FATHER in bookstores and for a garden club, and also do a performance of sorts at the BB King Museum in Indianola. For that I will have a stage, and some recitation and dancing will be part of the evening. I am a little nervous, but more for the long drive than about the presentations. In my older years I tire more quickly. And the sciatica will make it necessary to stop frequently, maybe take two days for a trip that a younger woman would make in one. I must be kind to myself. 

I will stay in Indianola for the duration in the home of a young woman named Anna with whom I have had several easy and enjoyable conversations. She will also drive me to the different venues, some in towns a good distance away. Anna has made all the arrangements, ordering books from the Press, publicity, and such, and I have already benefited from her generosity and patience. I look forward to meeting Louie, her indoor, outdoor cat.

I will be gone a week, and may be absent from blip as far as comments and postings go, but not in spirit. Feel free to share the angel energy that is making it possible for me to leave my comfort zone and go forth.

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