Back Paddle......Fast!

It is not easy getting a clear photo when you are back paddling as fast as you can away from the rock wall!!!!!! I was snorkeling at Black Rock in Kanapali when I came upon this White Mouthed Moray; it was about 4 feet long ....see extras. I don't think they attack people but those sharp teeth have been known to take a chunk out of a hand when it was placed  in the rocks.......but I can guarantee  you that I was not sticking my hand anywhere near the rocks unless I was reaching out with my camera to get a closer photo.......and even then I was being careful because this was the third Moray Eel I have seen this trip......but none this close before. 

The wind was blowing again today and there was some rain, but the area near Black Rock is sheltered from the wind.......but the parking is expensive at Kaanapali beaches. We found a free spot......well, we thought it was a good place to park......but when we returned we saw that it was probably in a no parking area......thankfully we didn't get a ticket!

Our son and daughter in law leave tomorrow so we will have three more days alone. It might be nice.....but we will miss them.

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