The life of Lyndsey

By LyndseyJ

Trusty lamp!

In 2.5 years of living in Edinburgh, this light bulb has not needed changing! It’s our trusty evening lamp and has been on since I got home today (because the weather has been truly awful).

My day has comprised:
(1) very early morning housework;
(2) a trip to the office to work;
(3) chasing emails;
(4) receiving an email saying my journal article has been recommended for publication;
(5) making travel plans for a conference I got accepted to last week;
(6) a handover meeting so we could finally pass our student rep duties over to the new student reps;
(7) went home to run through my presentation I’m delivering in Finland the week after next.

It’s been an early morning up and a late evening working until I could work no more .

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