Enjoying the Sunshine

... and the last of the mild days for a while.

Just a few Crocus laevigatus still flowering, as they will through to the New Year.  The cold weather that is forecast will keep them going longer and the flowers will still open under glass if the sun shines.

A bitty sort of a day but I had bitty sort of jobs lined up so that worked out OK.  A visit from my bosses to see if I was likely to return to work any time soon was amicable despite the news.  I'm very likely to end up unemployed sooner or later ..... but it seems the door could be open for a return in the future.  A trip to the supermarket was light relief and an outing for Jamie.  A doctors appointment for me yielded a new approach to an old problem and I filled in the gaps by starting to fill in Jamie's Disability Living Allowance form.  40 pages of unbridled joy ... not!  As an antidote he's making chocolate brownies as I type so the day's gonna end well :-)

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