...of any signs of 'sickness' in the animals at the moment.  I did contact the authorities who in turn contacted the division that deals with the management of the animals. However, in a large area there are only three individuals who investigate. I will keep sending photos of any oddities I see.

Just realized today that I have not see Ol' One Eyed Bill....the wild turkey with an injured eye.   I will keep watching for him.

This squirrel had strange growths on it.  I am hoping it is just ticks, mites, or something similar?

Hump Day is almost over....and I am just waiting to go pick up my daughter from her night class.  Bed is calling my name  ; )

Take care all...

D x

P.S.  Blip just informed me that this is 500 for me!!  Yay me...not without missing days however.  On that note, I must add that this community is such an integral part of my day whether I manage to post or comment at all.  Just quickly browsing blips, makes me smile, motivates me, and inspires me every day.  It is such a pleasure to 'meet' like- minded people around the world.  So happy to get to know many of you through our journals  xxx

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