Seeing Beyond Looking

By SandraSuisse

Apple Crumble

I wasn't at all inspired by any photography at all today. There are just days like that, aren't there?
So, since I'd cooked some cooking apples, I decided to make my favourite Apple Crumble recipe. It's one where the apples and crumble are cooked separately and put together just before serving so that the crumble is always beautifully crunchy and not soggy underneath. It can be served plain or with pouring cream. Some people like custard.

If you would like to try this special recipe yourself, it's the Mary Berry's Walnut and Sunflower Seed Crumble. Here's a link to the recipe:
I always reduce the amount of sugar in recipes if at all possible. I used only a third of the sugar in this one (so that would be 50 grams) and half of the butter. I also used pecans instead of walnuts and added some grated coconut instead of sunflower seeds!

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