Saturday Junco

There were a lot of different birds in our backyard today but this Junco was the only one who held still long enough for me to get a photo. I actually liked the background of bending birch branches with a few of the fall leaves hanging on. I almost Blipped one of the empty branches I photographed today as birds flew just as I clicked the would have worked for Silly Saturday. 

I know why I put off my bookkeeping chores......there is always something that doesn't add up correctly. Today my beginning balance on a Quicken reconcile report doesn't match the ending balance on the last Quicken reconcile can that happen?  I just let Quicken add updates on my computer today, so I think that messed something up.......I have a love/hate relationship with my Accounting Program. Right now I am ready to quit.. but then what? It has to be figured out!! Maybe Monday the Quicken Help desk can figure it out. I hope so.  Perhaps another sleepless night.....NO, I refuse to worry about it.

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