We woke up with the news that there was another and bigger eruption of Mount Agung last night, but it hadn't been noticeable here and there was no sign of any trouble over here in the south point of Bali. In fact even though it's a Sunday it certainly was business as usual for the wedding shoots. When we went down to the beach there were 3 future couples having their Bali wedding shoot on the pier at the same time ! It is kind of funny to see all photographer groups doing the same poses and tricks with veils :-) I couldn't resist shooting this bride with her extra veils flowing in the wind and making it a bit more veiled with a texture.

By the way, please know that we're perfectly safe and will be all the time we're here. Bali is a big island ! It might be more difficult to get a flight back, but we'll worry about that when we're due to fly.

Thanks so much for your AT entries and for your help choosing the special entries. I'm posting this at 6:30 pm on Sunday in Bali, time-difference with the UK 8 hours, I've added up all the votes, including my own posted on yesterday's Blip and have your results here:
This week's Special Hearts:
Otornblom      with 7 votes
Missycat         with 6 votes
Mambo           with 5 votes
J4net               with 4 votes
DonnaWanna with 4 votes

Special Mentions, all with 3 votes:

This coming Thursday the optional theme is 'painterly' and the tag will be AT127 !

Many, many thanks for all your kind comments, stars and congratulations, you are all so lovely !

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