Plenty of room over here Dave

A mild morning I think it was raining lightly but I didn't notice much and got lots done in the garden.
Although nearly all leaves are now down and I've cleared 90% of them there's still plenty in knooks and crannies that need the manual touch.
So I kicked off clearing them from along the south wall with the blower, rake and tractor trailer combo with Molly supervising.
We toured the garden clearing under trees and shrubs with a spot of pruning on route.
I also opened the next compost to use it was the oldest and shut down in October 2014 it looks beautiful and rich so can't wait to use it.
Once finished we had a walk round making notes on what's next to do.
I'm leaving the sedum alone for a while as it's adding some autumn colour but in a week or so I'll cut it back, shred it and add to compost.
I only took a few photos of the obvious and hope you don't mind.
Thanks for your visit it's appreciated and I hope you have better weather where you are.

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