Richie Boo

By RichieBoo

The Third of the Forth

I set the alarm for 2am to drive 200 miles to capture a sunrise at the new Forth Road Bridge.  It was a great drive up - literally only me on the road, chilled out music, enjoyed the freedom of our busy roads whilst everyone's asleep! 

It's a shame that this new structure isn't illuminated and I can fully appreciate the reasoning for it.  Light pollution etc....  But just for some of selfish togs, even a couple of hours with the dimmer switch turned up would be great.  It would probably attract more attention, which would be great for the local commerce.  

The sunrise was a absolute beautiful start to the day and when I searched the map for a viewpoint  - maybe I should have researched it more  - as the viewpoint was a restricted industrial park.  

I'm guessing the lights will only be lit for special events - so I shall keep my eyes open for updates....

I got back home at 10:30pm after a wee wonder around Edinburgh itself and Oh YES - a day off from the gallery! :)  

You would have thought - a snooze in bed on a day off - Can't be wasting a day now - can I? 

Hope you're all well - "Carry on Blipping!" :)

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