love light

By lrw


My neighbour, Frank. He's a great man. Hungarian. Emmigrated to Canada in the early '60's, I think. He shovels my walk when ever it snows. He's always out before I get out. He only does one pass. But that's enough to help the people that need to get through the snow. He's a *lot* older than I am and I feel very, very guilty that he does this. But he loves it he says. And "I have nothing else to do", he says.

I got home late today, about noon. And there was about 10cm of snow on my driveway and a very big pile in my drive at the road left by the plow. I started to dig into it so I could get my car in when Frank came by and offered to help. I could not let him do this for me. But I was so touched he wanted to. But I could not put him off. He insisted. So here's this guy that is probably 70 helping me with my drive!

He said his brother in Hungary would never believe how high the snow is here. So I offered to take his picture so he could send it. I printed this picture for him and took it over tonight. He was very happy to have it! :)

You cannot tell from this picture, but this snow pile is probably 6ft high.

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