The World Through My Eyes

By Marlieske

Egg hunt....

Today we were looking for the eggs of the butterfly "the Brown Oak Page". The brown oak page is one of the 31 butterfly species that are listed as endangered and for which the recovery plan 'Wild of butterflies' has been drawn up by these two organizations. In recent years no oak or barley brown oaks pages have been observed in the Maashorst. Although the oak page is a true woodland butterfly, and its name points to the dependence of leaves on the oak, among other things, this species mainly lays its eggs on young oak sprigs and low bushes. This moth, for its reproduction, therefore also mainly needs erratic, shrub-shaped, so-called 'quarrel' oaks.... To bad we didn't find any egg... But It was a very interesting day that definitely will be bad the link is in Dutch, but it is very interesting  Bruine Eikenpage  

Thank you all so much for all your lovely reactions and stars for yesterdays Blip! They all are highly appreciated... Xxx

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