Golden treasurers

Grrrr.... another icy cold day but it's been spent in The British Museum.
Top of the list were the two major exhibitions, Scythians - warriors of ancient Siberia and Living with the gods.
Both brilliant and worth visiting if you get a chance.
Living with the gods started with the Lion Man, a 15 inch carved piece of mammoth ivory, 40,000 years old believed to be the first  known object which showed Man had a sense of something greater than himself, the start of some kind of spiritual belief.

And the exhibition ended with a poster of a Russian astronaut in space saying:" there is no god.'" ( "Boga nyet" )

This evening the Kings College choir sang Rachmaninov’s "Vespers" in Russian in the Great Hall. Unfortunately their performance was marred by too much background noise and over exuberant children.

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