More knitting!

My day started ok, but went down hill after my journey to work took even longer than yesterday. I was so desperate to get in earlier as I have such a lot of priority work to do, that the traffic queues just frustrated me even more than they normally would. An hour and a half for a 22 mile journey. Grrrr. So leaving at 7.30 and arriving at 9 I proceeded to do one thing after another wrong, resulting in more rushing and more mistakes. I know. More haste less speed. But there are only so many hours in the day and things I had to have done. I left at 6 again getting home at 7. I don’t want to spend this amount of time each day working. It is too exhausting.

Home I wanted to make some small mince pies but a tin I used to use to make mini ones has disappeared. I may not have had it since we moved, so I guess it is another thing that got left behind in our rushed move 2 years ago.

Now I’m finishing off some knitting, but the pattern calls on me to crochet the tiny life ring. Oh no! I have never crocheted anything, which is amazing as I appear to have 4 crochet hooks in my sewing basket! I think I’d like to learn (after all I need more hobbies!) So I’m going to do a google lesson to see if I can do this tiny ring first. Then may be revisit the idea of learning to crochet in the new year.

Have enjoyed watching Kirsty Alsop doing her Christmas craft programme and just wish I had time to make all those lovely things for Christmas. What people have the time to do those things?

Anyway, must try that crocheting...

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