The life of Lyndsey

By LyndseyJ

Finland 100 year celebration!

Today Finland celebrates 100 years of independence. This was a bank holiday in Finland and many celebrations were on to mark the day.

Chris and I decided to have a walk to the other end of the river today (after a bit of a lie in and some rest), and I blip the Finland 100 flags which were up but not moving in the wind. Whilst out and about I purchased some Finnish chocolates and biscuits for our research group and I hope to be able to share these on the day I return to my office in Edinburgh... if my suitcase makes it home!

This evening we went to see the castle all lit up in white and blue. It was lovely to see but very hectic so we returned to the main city after a short while so we could get some food for tea. We returned to the hotel fairly early where Chris has packed for his flights home tomorrow and I have got my stuff ready to begin my PhD case study interviews tomorrow. I’m a little nervous to say the least!

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