Wilson's Warbler

I took my camera out into my garden today; saw a flash of yellow and saw this Wilson's Warbler. I have not seen him on my deck....but he was in the corner of the garden......I am so glad I saw him.

Life is still complicated but it looks like my granddaughter and her boyfriend seem to be working through their issues. That is good new.... but the best news for my for us this morning was that the baby slept well last night so we both got a great night's sleep last night. Baby woke, ate, got changed and went right back to sleep. I was never woken by my granddaughter desperate for help.....she handled it all. :-))     :-))   She was proud of herself so I think her emotions are finally getting back on track. That is very very good.  My goal is to NOT make anyone dependent on me.....but give them wings to move on independently.....I feel we are on track for that to happen within a week or two.  I really don't want her to rush back into the old situation.....I have facilitated a couple very good conversations between the young couple.....they need guidance so they listen rather than blaming and justifying. I kind of rattled on here....I am up in my office and everyone else is in bed.....I am headed to bed myself now! Good Night.

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