European Grey Squirrel

The garage telephoned late yesterday afternoon to say that they had managed to get the part for Josephine earlier than expected and that they would squeeze her in between other jobs. Always good to use your local garage and build up a relationship with them. So this morning I took her to the garage, about half-a-mile away and then walked home; she will not be ready until early next week. With that in mind and with an Addenbrookes Hospital appointment tomorrow for my husband I decided to check that his car would start as it had not been started for two weeks; there was no hesitation, so she should be okay tomorrow.
Today’s picture is of a Squirrel sitting on a cut-down shrub, waiting for the opportunity to leap towards the bird feeders, which I had just refilled. Despite there being two full squirrel nut boxes available, he decided to raid the bird feeders.

Another busy day marking scripts, so not a lot of spare time. It was dull, wet and raining all morning, but this afternoon the sun is shining, although the temperature is dropping. Ready no doubt for a sharp frost tonight or for snow.

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