By Silverback

Helping Hand

They predicted high winds last night and that is exactly what we got both inside and out!! However, around 3am I had to get up and come downstairs as the wind was ridiculous.  A few hours later and the alarm went off which filled me with dread!
I really wasn’t looking forward to work today due to a severe lack of sleep but was surprisingly productive.  I also had a proper laugh with the team today but the highlight had to be someone running a conference call and having to play music at a certain point.  The only way they could do this was play music through their phone and hold it to their headset.  As a result the whole area could hear the great tune “The Final Countdown” whilst the person running the call tried to hide her embarrassment and was continually apologising!!
Whilst driving back to Legs’ tonight the sky was amazing, the whole sky was black apart from a dancing blue band.  It was really beautiful to see, unfortunately, there weren’t any decent/safe places to stop and it was also freezing.
Mini G’s obsessive nature came into play a wee bit tonight.  He appeared asking if I would fight with him.  On advising no I received the sad face and Kevin huff.  However, after finishing tea he took a call from his Gran who was asking if he had left a charger at her house.  The description of the charger sounded like Mini G’s and he was fairly blasé and dismissive that it was his.  I told him if he could prove it wasn’t his I would fight him. 
The strength and power in his hits are starting to register.  The power in his frustration swings and kicks is really starting to register meaning I need to be careful when attempting to pin him.  He still can’t pin me or control me for long and gets really annoyed when I get him in an arm or wrist lock!  I also showed him a very simply but effective wrist lock that sends a shock up the attackers arm.  After practicing it, he commented that you could get out it easily, when I done it with speed he got a real fright and surprise. 
We also did some pad work and Curly even joined in, until she injured herself putting her feet to her head – she twisted her shoulder somehow.
He had also been baking at school recently and made shortbread along with truffles.  Tonight, he noticed his mum had started making truffles and decided he wanted to make some too.  To my surprise, with a little guidance from Legs, he was able to make a batch of truffles without getting distracted or injuring himself!
 I was asked to blind taste the truffles and unfortunately for Mini G I chose his mum’s truffle.

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