Just before sleeping.....

.....Jack-go-to-bed-at-noon had the right idea today, we reached 32C by 1.30pm, it was sizzling outside and this little flower was well and truly tucked up by then. 

You've seen the closed state and a new flower, this one is on the way out but still looks pretty, kind of like a star or even fireworks and a little festive in my eyes.

Thanks Anni for hosting Flower Friday, you're amazing how you continue to do this week after week :)))

I was de-heading my roses at 7am this morning followed by some light weeding. We were expecting high temperatures so thought I'd tackle the garden nice and early, the rest of the day I've been hibernating and trying to keep cool.

The highest official temperature ever recorded in New Zealand was 42.4C at Rangiora on 7 February in 1973, that's my small town's claim to fame, thankful it wasn't that hot today.

Friday......the hottest day so far this summer, getting close to Christmas, enjoy the weekend everyone :)

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