"You never listen to me"

As I was driving into my neighborhood I saw the Female Bald Eagle Flying toward her usual perch nearby, then the male joined her. She started to squawk loudly and he simply sat there listening ignoring her. I couldn't stay long watching them, so I snapped a few photos and headed home in time for a business conference call. Then I went with hubby to look at a new pickup he is considering buying.....it is a Chevy Silverado 4 wheel drive...I really like it and so does he, but the trade in for our old Silverado was way to low so we walked away. We may reconsider tomorrow. 

Granddaughter & Baby did really good on their own today since I was busy almost all day, I wasn't able to help her.....she even handled the bath time herself tonight.....that is a scary time for most new moms with that slippery wiggly tiny baby! She did fine.

Now to bed. Seems like there is no time to comment or post photos every day.......oh well, life is more important at the moment! See you tomorrow......maybe.

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