Family gathering.

Parts of my extended family are gathered at Øresund. W and I, ArcLight, sadly but understandably without Mr A, my cousin from America and her husband (henceforth referred to as J and B), my elder daughter and family shown above, who live in Malmö, and my younger daughter, Z, who made it eventually despite the best efforts of the British rail system to thwart her.

Most of us are staying in Copenhagen. W and I had a slow start, partly because the Copenhagen rail system was suffering significant delays, and met ArcLight in Hølbro Plads, by the fountain that hopefully will be shown in extras.

Soon after we were joined by J and B. We lunched, then split up to return briefly to our respective lodgings, before meeting again at the Central station to travel across the Øresund to Malmö. R cooked us a lovely meal, and just before we left, we were joined by Z. Due to a power outage, all trains to Gatwick were disrupted, and she was one of hundreds who missed their flights. Luckily, and quite impressively, EasyJet laid on an extra flight.

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