Dancing in the Dark!

Thank you, fellow-blippers, for the kind comments, stars, and favs, on yesterday’s Moon. I hope I can catch-up with responses now that my photography course Assignment is safely in the hands of the Assessors. It is peer-assessed, so it means I am now an assessor as well, and have already had two responses, and assessed one student myself. All very exciting:) Spent the morning in Dundee shopping in Hobbycraft, Dunelm and PC World – all very productive and pocket-emptying:) On the way home the snow on the hills with the sun on them was fantastic  -  they would have been my blip today had Dancing Queen not gotten in the way. I did a Flat Lay -  see my Extra for the original set up – the black blob on the left is the top of the torch I used to get the lighting I wanted. The final Main blip is cropped, then using PaintShop Pro I clicked ‘Effect’, then ‘Artistic Effects’ then ‘Glowing Edges’. Hey Presto, Dancing in the Dark! Hope it is OK for Silly Saturday! I was going to give a link to Bruce Springsteen's Dancing in the Dark but decided I hated it. So here's Abba in 18th century costume singing to the King of Sweden in 1976  -  it's absolutely fabulous - just click HERE - you'll love it!

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