My cousin spotted the Ib Antoni shop on Saturday, during our various wanderings and I know she went back there yesterday. I pottered by today on my way to the Kongens Nytorp metro station, heading back to the airport, so thought I would have a quick look inside. I came away with a couple of fridge magnets. As you do.

The workshop came to a smooth conclusion at lunchtime, at which point we were fed the largest sandwiches I have ever seen. I put half of mine back in the paper, and it's in my bag for consumption on the flight back to Helsinki. Fingers crossed for a good flight. There are high winds in Helsinki, which seems to have been the major reason for delays, rather than the snow affecting other parts of Europe. It did snow in Helsinki earlier today, but it turned to slush in the late morning, and I don't think it'll be very pleasant when I get back.

It's been a great break in Copenhagen, and I must say I enjoyed the place quite a bit more than I expected to. The main shopping streets are not attractive at all, but there are some cool neighbourhoods. And the company was good!

Update: I spoke too soon. SAS cancelled my 5pm flight and booked me on a later one at 9.30pm, with a very late arrival in Helsinki. Ugh.

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