Leicester City vs Crystal Palace

As luck would have it, George wasn't able to go to this match because he had domestic duties, so I took his season ticket instead.

Len faffed on about my walking there and back and where was I going to be picked up, could I get through the turnstiles, could I manage the stairs, would I be cold?

No problem. Thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon with a seat overlooking the Leicester end and enjoyed a couple of whisky and gingers at the Holiday Inn next door. The trouble is, Leicester City lost 3-0, which was somewhat unexpected.

Mahrez has magic in his feet and tried hard but was looking distinctly tired in the last 15 minutes of the game. Ndidi got sent off. I couldn't see why but I'm assured it was a valid decision. Leicester scored a goal which was disallowed, and to crown it all, a Palace paper kicked at a passing Leicester defender behind the ref's back. He was obviously in pain.

Amazing how football takes so much out of the day. Len and I drove home and picked up Basil from Colin's. I now have to cook the dinner and really don't feel like it.

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