Just hanging about.

A better day today (I think)  First job to wire in the second camera for the CCTV.  All went well and then KG found he had put the wrong end through and had to pull it back and start again.  This was fun I was in he conservatory and he was in the loft and we couldn't hear each other.  Still all in place now all that remains is to connect up and position the cameras in the  right place.  We were going to do that this afternoon .... then he got a phone call could he play table tennis.  Well of course he could.  So off he went.  I carried on with the admin I didn't do this morning.  His jaw is doing a lot better and we now know that a lot of it is caused by stress and he realises he clenches his teeth a lot.  
My blip today is of my little Santa Fridge magnet that jingles when the fridge door is opened.  I wanted to show the movement as the door opened so used a setting on m camera that allows me to take 5 frames quickly.  Like the result.  If you look carefully you can just about see my reflection 
Today has been a grey day

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