Selfie Record

Oliver and I went over to Cardington in Bedfordshire to see filming of a TV programme called Revolution. It's a bit like gladiators for BMX, Skateboarders and Inline Skaters.

One of the hosts was Steve-O. Probably unknown to you unless you are aware of a programme called Jackass where he, and a group of mates would get up to stupid stunts, like firing fireworks from their bums, jumping into a river from a trampoline on the back of a moving pick-up truck, and those are the tame ones!

Anyway, he wanted to go for a selfie record, and was around the studio (which was in one of the old airship hangars at Cardington, which are massive). We grabbed a picture. Oliver really enjoyed seeing the BMXers and Skaters do their stuff. Some big jumps and big falls too!

A couple of other extras added

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