In the Bleak Midwinter...

we had snow overnight!  

This is St Nicholas Church Newbury (apologies for the very poor phone shot) ;)

All very lovely and pretty, but a pain to get around in and of course for the first time in years I have to work between Christmas and New Year!  

Seeing the weather early this morning, I ordered a taxi to take me to town as where I work is down a very steep hill!   Taxi didn't arrive, so I ended up taking the car., otherwise I'd have been late..and had a very scary drive to work.  Tomorrow I think I'll probably walk part way and try to catch a bus (of which there are very few round here for local routes...they all belong to a big Company name beginning with V).

Work has been really quiet.  20 phone calls all day, so ended up finishing my book on kindle :)  Note to self to take a puzzle book tomorrow as well as I still don't have a log in, so there is little for me to do just now...

Looking forward to watching the second part of Little Women tonight :)

Happy Wednesday folks (stay safe in this weather) :)

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