Jack Frost's fingers

...are warning us of the frigid temps outside. It has been so cold today and  tomorrow is supposed to be even colder. The heated birdbath is up and running, the bird feeders full and plenty of peanuts await the brave birds and little beasties tomorrow. 

Our dear pal is landing tomorrow night from southern California to spend until January 10th with us. It's 16 degrees F/-8 C and dropping fast. It was 73F/22C for her today, so it will be quite a shock for her when we step out of Logan Airport.. We plan to go to one of our old haunts, Regina Pizza in the North End after we pick her up. I hope there isn't a line out the door like there usually is !

For the Record,
This day came in the coldest yet, it has been frigid all day.

All hands happy, T's off this week and we're enjoying everything the season has to offer and more relaxed days.

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