Untitled So Far

This is the latest painting I'm working on. It has a ways to go to be finished. It's based on one of the photos I took while I was in France. It's a stairwell in the chateau we visited in Auvers sur Oise. I'm having fun with it.

This morning before I set off for painting I got a call from Jane. A second offer came in and this one was viable. The offered amount was reasonable. (The other offer was way low.) And it was by folks that have been to the house three times. They are interested. We counter offered and are waiting for a response. That is great news.

Home on my own this evening. I have to admit that that happens a bit more than I would prefer. Tonight it would be nice to have company. But I did have a great laugh-filled conversation with Jane this evening and that went a long way towards making me a happy puppy. Life is still good!

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