Farmer Jonty's Hen Lays

Immy and I went to the garden centre this afternoon to get some bedding plants (seems to be a recurring theme in my life these days), as they have 'potted colour' for 99c at the moment. After that, we thought we'd swing by Jonathan's hacienda to drop off some Christmas cake and ham.  We found him painting the outside of the house, making the most of the peace as his children are away until tomorrow. He was more than happy to stop and go inside to put the kettle on.
Spread out on the kitchen island were the fruits of his garden – and his hens! One of them has started laying, though he's not sure which of the four it is. There was a small egg yesterday, and another today. Two of the chickens are a little ahead of the other two in terms of maturity, having now grown their combs and wattles, so he's pretty sure it's one of them.  His plum tree is fruiting madly – but check out that courgette!  The eggs may be small, but he's got a prize-winning courgette there - he says he's going to stuff it and invite us round for dinner 'next year'.
It wasn't until I looked at this photo in the evening that I realised that he was wearing the perfect tee-shirt for the occasion – isn't that funny?!

'Uncle Jonty' is the girls' nickname for Jonathan, and it has stuck - he is so unlike a 'Jonty'! 

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