The Last Candycane

The deciding factor here was the primary colors. Were the primary colors. Was the primary palette. The deciding factor was the primary palette. Plus I was a little short of other choices. And there's just something about giant candy canes and a bright blue sky and blinding ginkgo leaves. None of it makes any sense. But it's a nice primary palette.

I played my first game of MahJong this afternoon. It may also have been my last. I don't really have a head for this kind of thing, but since I've been curious about the game for years, I jumped at my neighbor's invitation to see her new set. If I hadn't been seated in a tight corner with no egress, I never would have made it through the hand. The other players were gracious and we played an open game full of helpful commentary, but I never did solve the mysteries of The Card. The tiles were pretty though, and I enjoyed sorting them.

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