The Last Son of Michael

Well, today is New Year's Day. I get up, turn on the computer, put on the coffee and watch the usual slew of overnight junk emails pour into my inbox. I see there's one from someone with my maiden surname, via a genealogy website. Probably another descendant of Frances Charlotte Bedingfield, born 1796, wanting to confirm a match. I click on it.

'Hello TML, my name is S______, I'm 24 years old from Mexico, I'm the last son of Michael, and lately I've been looking for information about my father and I came to this website and found your name, so I was hoping to be able to talk to you, I'd love to know more about you and my father, so I hope you get this message, and I wish you a happy new year.'

Michael was my father.  So, 2018 starts with a possible lead, at last. Maybe young S. (who is younger than my elder daughter) can shed some light on what our father may have been up to for the second half of his life, after he abandoned his first family in the early 1970s.  To be honest, it seems unlikely - we have long suspected that both South and Central America, and the Indian subcontinent, are littered with half-siblings. This promises to be an interesting year!

This is one of four globe tree baubles that Immy brought us from Dunedin (mine is red). Today, she has been painting a very fine Chinese dragon on a long length of calico..... and we had a fun Skype conversation with my brother R. and his family in Holland, too. R. is the third son of Michael, the second surviving son - as far as we know.

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