Hunting the Photo Automat

When i thought I was sleeping long the last days, today was even worse! I slept until 2 pm!! That was 12 hours in bed!
We rushed a little bit to get at least out before dark. The Kiez was quiet and we spontaneous decided to go and look for the only colour Photo Automat in Berlin. It was located in Friedrichshain close to the East Side Gallery.
After taking our silly photos saying goodbye to 2017, we wanted to find an open Café. We took the S-Bahn to Ostkreuz, but Tres Cabezas was closed. We finally found a small Italian Café  (called: Safé Expresso Bar Neapoletana) that was open. Lovely wee place, I will go there again. We had our coffees and talked about what we have done in 2017. My blips did help to look back.
We then travelled home, got showered and dressed to go out again. We only stayed in the Kiez. There was A LOT of fireworks this year!! Really A LOT!  The place looked like a bomb site :)

Happy NEW YEAR to all of you!! xxx
Let 2018 be a good one.

Blip: The Colour Photo Automat with a second black and white one.
Extras: Safé Café

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