By ciorstain

Good Bye 2017 - Hello 2018!

We started the New Year again late!!
At 2 pm we crawled out of our bed, got ready fairly quickly and set off for a walk. Despite the huge amounts of fireworks, the streets did not look as bad as the last years. Maybe they had cleaned up already before we got out??
We did a good long walk through and beyond the Kiez and went for a coffee at the Sarotti Café at Mehringdamm. 
Sarotti is an old Chocolate brand manufactured in Berlin. The brand icon was the Sarotti Mohr (Moor). In 2004 the Moor turned white .... and became a "magician".  Politically more correct?
We then took the U-Bahn to Alt-Marienfelde to visit Dani in her new flat. She is in the midst of moving. 
We had some bubbly and too much chocolate and caught up with everything.
We left much later than planned and were home just before 10 pm.
We played another round of Settlers before we went to bed.

My blip today is us waiving good bye to the old and hello to the New Year.
May 2018 will be a wonderful year for everyone!

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