By Artyfartyannie

The Little Cheeky Boy

or the Little Horror, has stolen my phone again and brazenly asked me what my number was. I knew what he was up to so I didn't make a fuss. He wants to take a lot of selfies and anything slightly silly. If I react  he will up the ante and click many photos. I thought I would play it cool but at the same time see what he was going to do so I muttered my number in what I thought was an intelligible mode. Blooming heck he heard me and opened the phone and started clicking off various photos........well like 100 !!! ........... So the boy in the photo is his picture and since I had my camera I took one of him taking a selfie............ Set him off on the right giggles......................so funny.... Second shot of her teeting round the door and issuing orders.

Otherwise the "dance class" that I was so afraid of today" was good but I didn't break sweat..............but of course remember from yesterday I am taking baby steps and co-ordination wasn't the easiest part let me tell you but I did improve over the class. I went back with Lindsay for coffee and smelt the lovely Coq au Vin ( do they ever make that en France these days !!!) so when I had done the shopping and got back home I made it. Still  having to eat it. Mr AF has had his so I'm off.

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