Mrs Happy

By Riwaka7

Apricot dawn

Probably a bit later in fact but the clouds bounced the lovely apricot light off them nicely and it looked like dawn.(Better in large).
I had gone down early to the estuary to check on the pied stilt chicks. Too much tide still and they must have been hiding in the rushes. Only one set of parents so not sure if that means one family has gone or something happened to the chick and the parents have gone.
I heard them before I saw them and the extra is of the two of them getting into position to bombard me from different directions.
A chap came along with an alsatian who didn't like the pied stilts at all and slunk along the track.
We are waiting for a weather event that is supposed to give torrential rain and strong winds to most of the country. I hope we get some of the rain without too much damage being done.

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