Storm Eleanor

I had a very slow start to the day as I felt really achy and tired this morning.  It took me ages to get out of bed and then most of the morning to get in the shower and dressed.  I'd offered to work overtime this afternoon to cover Helen's shift as her daughter in law was booked in to have a cesarean section,  and Helen needed to look after her granddaughter.  I really could have done with not going in, but I couldn't let them down at the last minute.

The wind was even stronger today, so I left home with enough time to go down onto the undercliff walk to get some shots of the waves at high tide. It was actually very difficult getting these shots as the wind was so strong, it took everything I had to stand up, and the waves were the highest I've ever seen them.  The undercliff walk was flooded in the Rottingdean direction, with the water pouring back down on to the beach - the force of it was so strong, it was fast flowing and had formed a channel in the pebbles so it was like a river flowing back into the sea.

There were lots of Oyster Catchers on the beach, and I've seen them before when it's rough, they must know that things get washed up onto the beach.  There was also someone with a metal detector!

Work's been very busy, and thankfully I've started to feel better as the day's gone on, so fingers crossed those antibiotics are starting to work.

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