Feathers and wool

Distant shot of buzzard (L) tucking into something which I imagine is part of another sheep. A carcase elsewhere on the field has all day been the object of attention from feathered scavengers. Crows, gulls and magpies as well as buzzards have been circling around, landing and grabbing. I wasn't able to get close because they all rose as one as soon as they were aware of my lurking presence. But when the flock wandered back  the birds paid no heed. They know where danger lies.

All that wool looks very cosy in the cold weather but sad to say now that most humans prefer nylon fleeces to knitted sweaters the price  for wool has fallen so drastically that farmers have started breeding self-shedding sheep to save the cost of shearing the worthless coats. The wool of Exlana sheep falls off naturally in the spring and should provide many birds with a bonus for nest building.

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