Last Day in Berlin

We got up reasonably early for a change. Neil went on the bike to run some (secret) errands while I got other things done. 
When he was back we walked to Maybach Ufer and I checked if Grumpy Galette was back in business. He wasn't :(.
In my despair I had a plate of Turkish Food at the " Turkish Mama's" stall, which was nice but filling.
We then walked into Kreuzberg 36 and found another roaster we had not tried yet. Companion Coffee, located in some alternative Hip Store called Voo.
After the coffee we walked further and found another small Coffee place that was roasting and that we did not know about. So I had to have another coffee and also bought a bag of beans.
We walked further and passed Bonanza Roasters (accidentally) and walked in. It was one of the posh and modern places and a bag of beans cost 10 EUR and more - not what I think I need to pay for a good coffee. 
I asked for a long black and they refused to serve me one. Only filter or espresso or stuff with milk. 
I did not want an espresso and did not want to wait for filter, so we left again - I was slightly annoyed. 
I am surely not the fan of Americanos that dilute the espresso and destroy the crema, but a good Lungo or Long Black, that they do in other places in Berlin are not bad!
We walked back to Kotti and took the U-Bahn to Hermann Platz. Neil wanted a new Winter Jacket and wanted to have a look at the Sale at Karstadt. One hour later Neil had a new jacket - a fine one hugely discounted - and we headed back home.
We had 5 Minuted to change before we were meeting Frank and Petra for an early dinner.
We went to Molinari, as they had space, which usually does not happen in the evenings, when you do not book a table. 
The menue looked awesom for pizza and pasta lovers - and I went for pasta!! I though I might as well see how my body agrees with pasta, back home I can start being good again.
The food was lovely and after dinner we went to "Café Slow" for another drink before we parted. It was lovely to catch up with both of them. 
Frank sold us the flat 2.5 years ago and we always kept in touch.

Back home we started packing, played another game and went to bed with the intention to get up early tomorrow.

Blip is taken at Oranien Strasse. The House has tons of Turkish looking words on it. I do not know the meaning, but it looks like someone had been playing with the words.
I will find out one day and report.

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