Penelty Box Buddies!!!!

Here we see Fraser and James sharing the penalty box and sharing some discussion about the quality of the refereeing at the game today which I have to agree was somewhat questionable.

Fraser was actually an innocent party; James took a 2 + 2 +10 minute penalty however the way the hockey rules work James sits for the 10 whilst a second player must sit for the two x two minute penalties and Fraser drew the short straw and joined James for four minutes.

It was a bad tempered affair with several major penalties called.  It was close right to the end with Murryfield edging the game 5 - 4 .  It was Fraser's second game of the day having played in the under 14's game earlier in the afternoon which had seen Kilmarnock take the win 9- 6.

Tomorrow is another day and another road trip as we head to Fife with Fraser again playing at under 14 and under 16 back to back... back to school for a rest on Monday!!!!

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