Always feel at home...probably like I did in Liverpool's Otterspool park as a kid...when on this hill.  I connect so much more easily with the outdoors than the indoors.  Having said that, sorting our den (study) today...so that we can work together at home, was alot of fun and brought out the domestic me. Home is Guildford and although I'm not feeling like I have roots here, I am feeling more rooted  ...as in I still have an unease with the culture and slow growing community but alongside this have grown a respect for the place.

I was biking on the hills today, not running, my knees seem to have taken a dislike to too much pounding so I am giving them rest and looking for the right stretching exercises to support them...hoping a bit of pilates and yoga will make a difference. Need a good kick of discipline mostly, to work at my core regularly.
Spent alot of time getting a meal ready for Paul, Beth and baby Mary, although I love food, preparing it is not something that gives me joy....my sweet tooth means I am good at puddings but cooking...no way!  I am trying different foods to interest me...today it was sushi, totally adore it but would prefer someone else to cook it and I'll wash up!

Grateful for getting outdoors, for great food and for the den (quickly taken over by the teenagers once sorted!)

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