Penang Sunset

We took the shuttle bus into Georgetown this morning. Marian wanted to buy some silk so once there we set off for Lebuh Chulia to Sam's Batik which we knew to be a good place. Before we got there we spotted a market with fabrics and wandered in to have a look. Marian saw some silk which she liked and it turned out it was the last part of a roll and she got it for what she reckoned was a bargain price. Then it was on to Sam's which is a little treasure trove of garments of all sorts of material and designs. She wasn't so sure she got a bargain there but was pleased with her purchase.

This evening we decided we'd go out for a meal. Normally evening meals consist of canapes and cocktails, which is all very well but gets a little samey after a while. We went to the Spice Market Cafe which is a buffet of all sorts of different food, Malay, Chinese, Indian, English and other things I couldn't be sure of their origin. It was great to try all these different things. I had some prawns, at least I think they were prawns, they could have been fried crickets I suppose, but it was all a journey of discovery!

The sun was going down as we walked to the restaurant so I stopped for a picture. I've added an extra of the market where Marian bagged her bargain.

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