The life of Lyndsey

By LyndseyJ

Durham Cathedral

I drove north home this morning and was home just after lunch. My new old car did well and survived its first NEE-ED jaunt.

This afternoon I have (once again) packed my bags for my trip south. I will be travelling south again late next week for my hen doo but have lots of work to do before then so I can enjoy my time away. I have been told that I am not up lift a finger that day and to enjoy everything we do (I partly know what all six of us have planned but have been kept in the dark about the rest). I am aware that prosecco will be flowing from the moment I arrive at our weekend destination.

Christopher has been busy making a model of Durham Cathedral he got for Christmas (as blipped). It’s scary to think I graduated with my MSc at that very place (in the Cathedral) almost 5 years ago!

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