Sandcastles in the rain

The theme for Wideangle Wednesday today is 'light and shadow' but I'm afraid there wasn’t enough light to create any shadow at all on the beach late this afternoon; these kids were happily building a big sandcastle with a moat, down by the tideline in the drizzle. It was 21 degrees. Further around the corner, on the back beach, people were fishing and I do like the distant pics I got of the man landing a catch (extras) – which turned out to be a stingray, so it went back – but the light levels were so low the quality is poor; wrong settings, too. It was actually raining!
I thought I ought to get out for some exercise, as the whole day had been grey and dreich like this. Christina had the day off, so they'd all gone off bowling (she was working the ice cream van at the Cricket International in Nelson yesterday, Black Caps vs. Pakistan, which she enjoyed despite rain stopping play for two hours, making it a long day. I was amused hear her explaining the rules of cricket to Ryan in the evening!). She had some disappointing news this morning about a film that she'd been hoping to get work on…..

But I had been at home, and as it turned out, I'd been chatting online to my new-found Mexican brother again. Today I found out that our father's Mexican birth certificate, which he managed to obtain for himself, stated that he was born in Quintana Roo Province and that his 'father' was called Rachid Valverde. I wonder what his actual father would have made of that? In fact, I can imagine, as my grandfather sent me a letter when I was about 12, in which he had written that his family was 'Norman English', underlined!  

Not only that, but S______ has told me about another half-sister, from Acapulco, who is quite a bit older than him and his full sister (a completely different family). She has the name of a Hindu goddess. And they think there was at least one son in Quintana Roo Province, in the far south of Mexico…..

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