First Flower

This hellebore has beaten all the Spring bulbs, especially the snowdrops, to be the first flower to bloom in the garden this year. The sun had even appeared for a time but it's getting misty again now.

Poor flower. It looks rather chewed up. I don't know why the petals seem to get so damaged. I had  hoped to take the shot using the Fuji Remote Camera app on my phone. Even looked up videos on which item to connect first. No success. I wonder if the app recognises my Pixel 2.

This is a day when nothing appears on the calendar. I would have gone to choir rehearsal but I can't perform in the concert this term because I wouldn't be able to drive to rehearsal for 6-8 weeks after the knee replacement, WHENEVER that might happen. Hope diminishes.

My Active Ten app didn't record any brisk walking yesterday even though I walked to the church and back. I must be slowing down.

Basil went with Len while he played tennis, then was taken for a run in the meadow over the way. I can tell he's still hoping that I'll take him out too.

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