Black Pine Coffee - not yet

I still struggle with getting out of bed, but thanks to home office I am at least at my desk in time, but about an hour later as usual.
Things are still relaxed - or is it just me?
I went for a walk in the afternoon and phone my father while out. He is waiting for more treatments but feels better after the blood transfusion last Friday. I am phoning him every other day now, if not daily. Thanks to Whats App call I can do it from anywhere.
I walked through the Botanical Garden today. It was a very grey day and the only colour I was really seeing, was at the children's playground in the Botanics. I took a few pictures there.
Then I passed Waitrose and walked back along GWR and popped into Papercup Rosters for a coffee. First caffein after 5 days detox. It was lovely and did perk me up a bit. Poor Davide had to endure me becoming quite talkative....! Back home I continued with my open work topics and prepared the figures for my assessment on Friday. 
Neil was late, having had a mental day.
Also bad news from the insurance. Apparently the damage of our ceiling and the floor after the water ingress over Christmas is not covered! Doh!
I am still fighting with the factors, who I blame of being careless. But they do not give a damn! So it's not going to be fun and I fear we will have to sue the factors or the roofing company that was clearing the gutters and who I believe have broken the tile.

My blip shows the Black Pine Coffee Café I managed to overlook for 4 months. The are still renovating - but are open hopefully soon.
I had a good frame lined up and was waiting for the traffic to pass, then this darn van parked at my "slot". Thus no car free picture this time.

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