A Tangled Reflection

Basil and I finally got out just before 3 pm. We drove to Charnwood Water, which usually has a clear, level path all the way round.

Today it was very muddy and strewn with wet leaves, which wasn't a good idea for me to walk on. You lose balance when your knee is arthritic. We didn't even manage one quarter of the circuit. I had to apologise to Basil.

I took the small fuji xt20 having upgraded the firmware, and tried the remote camera app. The camera seems to have locked into my old phone and doesn't recognise the new one. Will have to sort that out.

As you might imagine with the weather being as dull and grey as it's been today, the opportunity for inspiring photography was a bit limited.

The photo is of a tree branch reaching out over the water and its reflections. I liked it better when I desaturated it a bit and reduced the clarity to -100.

I signed up to Flipper today, with Len's agreement. Flipper is a new cost saving scheme for energy supply.  George has urged us to switch suppliers for some time now. It was just a case of getting round to it.

Flipper does not earn money from the energy suppliers. Instead, you sign up to it and agree to pay £25 a time if it finds an energy deal that will save you money. It flips no more than twice a year. We could find ourselves with energy suppliers we've never heard of before. But if we save £491.88 a year as Flipper has suggested, we shall be more than happy.

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