Today we walked down to the lake, probably our most common walk. It was -14°C and the sun had just gone down. Where we walk there are marker poles every 50m or so, to show the snow plough where the track is.  Every pole has its coating of hoar frost, so I chose one more-or-less at random to photograph. This frost will continue growing as long as it's below freezing but especially if damp air arrives when it's below -10°C.
I had a fairly restless night with my sore shoulder and today it isn't much better than yesterday evening. I'm moving it as much as possible to loosen up things and hope to get more mobility over the weekend.  Training Tai Chi is not easy when you can't lift your right arm! (You train the rest of the body and imagine the movement instead.)
It was great to stay with family for 19 days in London and Suffolk, but it feels so lovely to be back in a real winter, where the air is cold, dry, and clean.
Have a good weekend everyone!

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