Fly.... the name of Eristalis tenax, otherwise known as a hoverfly or drone fly.

A European fly which has been introduced to New Zealand and is widely established. The drone fly has black compound eyes, which are connected by hairy bends above and below. The females' eyes are separated, while the males meet, I think this one maybe a female. They mimic bees and feed on honey and pollen making them beneficial pollinators of flowers. 

Just loved the light on this wee drone fly drawn to the lavender scabiosa.

I've returned but still have many backblips I would like to share. It gives me a good indication as to what was happening in the garden or what was happening in my life, I'm one of those blippers who does look back on older blips. Many thanks to all who have stopped by with a sprinkling of stars and hearts for which I'm so very grateful for, thank you :)

Nothing special about today other than it's a very hot and humid day, 27C, so nice to have summer return :)

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